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10 Google Sheets Add-Ons That Make SEO Work Easier

Just when you think Google Sheets can’t get any better, you stumble across an add-on that makes your job just a little easier.
At least, that is what it has felt like for me over the years, as I have discovered add-ons that help streamline processes and tackle SEO tasks faster.
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The Basics FirstExcel has long been the go-to for SEO professionals, but Google Sheets has been growing in popularity partly because of the robust add-ons and the ease of sharing.
CONTINUE READING BELOWIf you are new to Google Sheets, here’s a quick tutorial on how to incorporate add-ons (if you’re a Google Sheets pro, you’ll want to skip this section).
To access add-ons, open a blank sheet in Google Sheets.
Then click on Add-ons as shown in the screenshot below.
Google Sheets Add On Menu
When you are ready to start adding them, simply click on Get add-ons in the drop-down menu.
Get add ons dropdown in google sheets
Some of the add-ons that I’ll mention in the section ahead require more steps to install, so be sure to follow the instructions for each one.
CONTINUE READING BELOWGoogle Sheets Add-Ons for SEOBelow you will find a list of helpful Google Sheets add-ons for SEO.
Some have overlapping functions, so you likely don’t need all of these.
Instead, try them out and pick what works best for you.
1. Search Analytics for SheetsSearch Analytics for Sheets has continued to be one of my go-to’s when using Google Sheets.
It syncs with your verified websites in Google Search Console and pulls query, page, and click data into your spreadsheet.
What’s great about this add-on is that you can filter data by query, country, page, or device and choose custom date ranges.
You can also view and sort clicks, impressions, CTR, and position.
CONTINUE READING BELOWYou can also set up automatic backups directly in Google Sheets.
Search Analytics Add On in Google Sheets
2. Google AnalyticsThe Google Analytics add-on is great for running reports and also creating data visualizations.
Within the add-on, you are given the option to do one of the following:
Google Analytics Add On Menu
Start with Create new report which will allow you to customize the metrics you want to pull.
CONTINUE READING BELOWNext, click on Run reports.
You can combine data and create your own charts, as shown in the following screenshot provided by the Google Analytics add-on.
Google Analytics Add On
There is a video tutorial for this add-on, although a few years old, that has applicable steps on how to create and run reports, as well as incorporate charts and other visualizations.
CONTINUE READING BELOW3. SupermetricsSupermetrics has a lot to offer outside of SEO data only.
Just check out the quick screen record below that shows all of the current integrations.
You can use this add-on to pull data into Google Sheets from multiple data sources.
You can customize reports and also access the templates already available through Supermetrics.
Supermetrics templates
Note: There is a monthly fee for the Supermetrics add-on, but you can try it for free first.
CONTINUE READING BELOW4. RankTankRankTank is a good add-on to help you track keyword rankings directly in Google Sheets.
It’s pretty simple to use.
All you have to do is add the domain and choose the location, language, and device.
Then you add your keywords.
You will see your rankings in real-time, along with the ranking page and competitors ranking above you.
Rank Tank add on
According to the description provided by RankTank, what makes the tool different than others is that it uses live keyword rankings.
CONTINUE READING BELOWHere’s a plus: RankTank gives you a certain number of free scans each month.
5. Moz API for SheetsAre you a Moz fan?
If so, you should check out the Moz API for Sheets.
Even if you don’t have an account with Moz, you can still use this sheet by signing up for a free plan, which will give you access to domain authority and page authority for 200 URLs at a time.
The Moz add-on also has built-in formulas to help you analyze the data.
Moz API add on
6. MajesticTo use the Majestic add-on, you will need a subscription.
ADVERTISEMENTCONTINUE READING BELOWOnce you have everything set up (it’s not hard), you have the option of using the Data Extractor to get a ton of data about one domain, similar to what you see in the screenshot below, or the Data Augmentor to pull metrics for a group for URLs.
Majestic Add On
7. SEOmonitorIf you are already using SEOmonitor, which is an SEO platform designed for agencies, you can use your API key to import data into Google Sheets.
ADVERTISEMENTCONTINUE READING BELOWAfter pulling campaigns from your SEOmonitor account, you can create dashboards, data visualizations, and custom reports.
When using the SEOmonitor add-on, you can create reports like the following:
SEOmonitor add on
Add-ons That Are Not SEO-Specific, But Still HelpfulThe following are helpful Google Sheets add-ons but are not specific to SEO.
ADVERTISEMENTCONTINUE READING BELOWThey are still worth checking out, though, because they can help you as you sort, filter, and analyze your data.
Again, the idea is to save time and streamline your work.
8. Remove DuplicatesRemove Duplicates comes in handy when you are going through rows and rows of data.
This add-on will help you find duplicates and gives you various options when doing so, as shown below in the Remove Duplicates’ dropdown menu.
Remove Duplicates add on
For example, you can use the Find duplicate or unique rows function to identify duplicate or unique rows and then either highlight, remove, or move the data to another tab.
ADVERTISEMENTCONTINUE READING BELOWYou can also use the add-on to compare two sheets or columns to identify changes and identical data.
Plus, you can perform a lot of tasks with the data, such as copying or moving to another spreadsheet, marking as duplicate or unique, and merging cells.
9. Power ToolsThere are certain tasks and functions in Google Sheets that can get repetitive.
Power Tools is meant to simply them.
Once you have Power Tools installed, you get access to tons of tools that are categorized into different groups based on their purpose.
Power Tools add on
You can use Power Tools to:
ADVERTISEMENTCONTINUE READING BELOWMerge and combine cells.Find and replace data.V-lookup multiple matches.Remove duplicates.Sum and count colored cells.Remove unwanted data.Add text by position.And a whole lot more.This one add-on alone will help you improve your spreadsheets in minimal time.
10. Advanced Find and ReplaceAdvanced Find and Replace does just what its name implies.
This add-on goes beyond a simple find and replace command and has the capability to search in formulas, notes, values, and hyperlinks in all sheets at the same time.
Once you have the list of found records, all you have to do is click to replace them.
Advanced Find and Replace add on
What’s great about this add-on is that it looks at everything simultaneously and even checks links that are behind display text.
ADVERTISEMENTCONTINUE READING BELOWIf you want to keep track of the found entries, you can export the values or entire rows containing them.
Last Words About Add-onsKeep in mind that you won’t need all of these add-ons.
As I mentioned at the beginning of the article and as you can tell by reading the various add-on descriptions, many of them share similar features.
The purpose of using add-ons is to simplify tasks while using Google Sheets.
Therefore, think about what you do often in Google Sheets and pick the add-ons that are the most relevant.
By the way, there are a lot of great add-ons out there!
Even if they didn’t make this list, it doesn’t mean they are not worth checking out.

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